How Do You Build a Pergola?


To build a pergola, dig appropriate holes, install the four posts, attach the joist beams, and attach the stringers. You need 4-by-4 posts, 2-by-6s, 2-by-10s, 2-by-4s, gravel, lag bolts and deck screws, as well as a level, screwdriver, drill, hammer, post hole digger, jigsaw, ladder, circular saw, wheelbarrow and socket set to complete this project.

  1. Select a spot

    Choose a location and mark the designated spots of the four posts. Use the post-digger to make holes that are 24 inches with a 9-inch width, then add a few more inches of gravel space to the bottom to secure drainage.

  2. Install the posts

    Place the 4-by-4 posts in the holes and make sure they are all level. Place some temporary 2-by-4 bracing as a support mechanism. Mix the cement, and pour it in the holes. Allow 24 hours for the cement to dry.

  3. Install the joist beams

    Cut the beams from the 2-by-10 boards to make the pergola posts. Clamp down the posts to drill holes through the posts and beams. Place the beams on the posts with the 3-inch lag bolts.

  4. Attach the stringers

    Make the stringers from the 2-by-6 boards to cover the joist beams. Space out the beams perpendicular to coincide with the beams, and use 3-inch galvanized deck screws to secure it in place.