How Do You Build a Paver Patio?

How Do You Build a Paver Patio?

How Do You Build a Paver Patio?

To build a paver patio, remove grass sod from the area, create a stone-dust base, install the pavers, and fill the cracks with more stone dust. Rent a power tamper to take some of the physical labor out of the job.

  1. Remove sod

    Cut the sod slightly larger than the footprint of the patio. Remove the sod using a shovel.

  2. Create the base

    Create a 2-inch base of stone dust, using 2-inch PVC pipe as a guide. Lay the pipe 4 feet apart, add stone dust, and rake the dust leaving it slightly higher than the pipe. Run a board across the top of the pipe to remove any excess dust. Move one of the pipe to create the next section. Continue the process to cover the entire area. Use the tamper to compact the dust.

  3. Install the pavers

    Run two string lines perpendicular, intersecting at the center of the patio. Beginning at the intersection, lay the stone to complete one quadrant. Repeat with all quadrants. Use a grinder with a diamond blade to cut any edge pieces so they fit. Use the tamper to settle the stones in place.

  4. Fill the cracks

    Apply a thin layer of stone dust to the top of the patio. Use a broom to sweep the dust into the cracks.