How Do You Build a Patio Roof?

How Do You Build a Patio Roof?

Homeowners can build a patio roof with four-by-four wooden posts, post anchors, four-by-eight wooden posts, two-by-six wooden rafter boards, galvanized nails and screws, ledger board, metal post bracket, flashing and joist hangers. The required tools for the job include a tape measure, chalk, hammer, saw, level, power drill and ladder.

Before starting the project, use the tape measure to determine the desired area of the roof and calculate how much material is needed. A patio roof attached to the side of a building only needs two four-by-four posts and the ledger with joist hangers, while a freestanding patio roof needs four four-by-four posts and no ledger. Follow the steps below to complete the construction process.

  1. Hang the ledger
  2. Attach the ledger board at the desired height for the roof joists. Secure the ledger in place with several lag screws or bolts that go through the wall. Make sure the ledger is level. Slide metal flashing under the building siding and bend it over the top of the ledger board to protect it from rain.

  3. Attach joint anchors to the rafters
  4. Nail the joint anchors into the rafters every 16 inches. This is also the time to paint or seal the wood posts, joists and rafters before installing them.

  5. Install the posts
  6. Install the post with a cement footing and anchor or by drilling a metal post bracket in place over pre-existing cement. Nail the post into place in the bracket.

  7. Install the rafters and joists
  8. Attach the rafters to the posts and the ledger board on the building wall. Hang wood joists in the joist hangers and nail them in place. Finish by nailing plywood sheets on top of the joists for the base of the roof. Complete the look using standard roofing techniques with shingles.