How Do You Build a Patio Privacy Screen?


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To build a patio privacy screen, lay out and notch enough rails, dig holes, and set posts in these holes using concrete, attach the rails to the posts, then add curved top and bottom panels. The time it takes to complete the construction depends on several factors such as whether the materials are ready-made, experience in using the tools, and the length of the patio.

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Start by readying the materials necessary to complete the construction. The main materials include posts, concrete, rails, top and bottom cap pieces, glue and screws. Use the correct tools when cutting notches in the rails to ensure the screws fit properly. According to This Old House, factory-made lattice panels are a popular alternative to rails. These ready-made panels simply the project.

Next, dig even-spaced holes to hold the posts. Place the posts in the holes, and hold them in position using concrete. Treating the posts increases the useful life of the fence. Next, attach the rails to the posts. The final step is to add top and bottom panels.

There are a few tips to consider to ensure your patio is durable and attractive. Make sure the posts are on the same level; use a leveler to check, and align the posts as necessary. Most commercially-available materials for building patio privacy screens are preferable to home-made alternatives because the former have the advantage of being rot- and weather resistance.

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