How Do You Build a Partition Wall?

How Do You Build a Partition Wall?

In order to build a partition wall, mark the floor, wall and ceiling with a chalk line, then attach the floor, ceiling and wall plates, attach the trimmer studs and frame the door. Follow all local building codes and obtain necessary permits before commencing the project.

Use these steps to build a partition wall:

  1. Plan
  2. Use snap chalk to create level guide lines across the ceiling, floor and both side walls. Mark lines on the baseboard spanning the width of the floor plate to cut out.

  3. Attach the floor plate
  4. Cut out the sections of baseboards and push the floor plate into place along the guide line. Screw the floor plate to the sub floor. If installing into a concrete floor, drill pilot holes into the concrete with a masonry bit and screw the plate into place.

  5. Install the ceiling and wall plates
  6. Screw the ceiling plate into place along the guide line. Then cut the wall plates to size and screw to both walls.

  7. Install the trimmer studs
  8. Mark the positions of the door and additional trimmer studs along the floor plate. Mark a large enough space to accommodate the door and jamb, and then mark places for the trimmer studs every 16 to 24 inches. Nail the trimmer studs into place with 3-inch nails installed at a diagonal on the top and bottom.

  9. Frame the door
  10. Install the door header with 1/2-inch clearance and cut away the floor plate between the door studs. Then finish and cover the wall.