How Do You Build a Pantry?


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Build a pantry by first measuring and cutting the panels and shelves. Next, install the door, and stabilize the pantry from collapsing. Make sure to pre-drill the holes to keep wood from splitting.

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  1. Prepare the shelving

    Use a circular saw to cut the lumber into appropriate dimensions. Make sure to use a saw guide to keep cuts straight. Depending on the size of the alcove, the number of shelves and panels may vary. Build the shelves by beginning with the top, bottom and sides to create the frame. Make sure to pre-drill the holes. Finally, install the feet and the back.

  2. Place the door

    Set the hinges so that the door opens correctly based on the placement of the pantry. Next, install the handle at a comfortable height. Use a magnetic doorstop to keep the door shut. Cut the stops to fit the seams. You may measure the doorstop by placing a piece of wood on the front edge of the pantry and measuring from the inside to the back of the pantry.

  3. Secure the pantry

    Install the shelves. Make sure to measure the storage first to set the shelves accurately. Finally, attach an L bracket to keep the shelving from falling.

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