How Do You Build a Paint Booth?


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To make a paint booth, prepare the housing, and install a motor and fan assembly onto a booth that is near the window of a garage. For this project, you need plywood, a saw, polythene, 2-by-4 timber, a fan with a separate motor, a drill, a furnace filter and a 1/4 explosion-proof motor.

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  1. Prepare the housing

    Separate the motor of a fan, and attach the motor to the fan with a drive belt. Place the fan on one end of the booth and the furnace filter on the other side. The box should be 1 foot deep.

  2. Fit the fan and furnace

    Cut a piece of 2-by-4 timber that matches the box's width, and nail the timber where the fan will be located. Make a hole in the center with a drill, and place the fan there. Use washers and bolts to secure it into place, but avoid overtightening. Create a shelf with the timber at the other end to keep the furnace filter secured.

  3. Install the motor

    Cut a square hole at the top of the housing to accommodate the drive belt. Install the motor on top of the box with bolts, and adjust accordingly to ensure that it's not too tight or loose. Build an additional plywood box around the motor for protection, and drill a hole in the box for the electric cord.

  4. Mount the fan assembly

    Place the fan assembly in the garage window to make the booth. Wood supports may be necessary to hold it in place. Use sealant and additional plywood to fill in the gaps to maintain air flow within the booth.

  5. Add the polythene

    Hang the polythene from the ceiling on the side of the window. The polythene should be 8 feet long.

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