How Do You Build an Ozone Generator?


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Making an ozone generator involves lining jars with aluminum foil, placing them on a wooden plank, preparing a transformer and setting up the transformer. The necessary materials are a quart glass jar, pint glass jar, transformer, aluminum foil, electrical tape, wires, alligator clips and a wooden board.

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To make an ozone generator, start by lining the two jars with aluminum foil. Cut the foil so it is big enough to completely cover the bottom of the jar and line each jar about halfway up the sides. Next, place the smaller jar inside the larger jar, being careful not to displace the foil in either jar. Place the nestling jars on top of a flat plank of wood measuring roughly two feet square. Center the jars.

When purchasing the transformer, look for one with a capacity between 3,000 to 15,000 volts, preferably with long leader wires. If the leader wires are short, extend them to 12 inches long. Strip the insulation from the leader wire and place a 12-inch length of electrical wire so it makes a connection with the leader wire. Wrap the connection and wire extension with electrical tape and connect the ends of the wires to the alligator clips.

Put the transformer on the wood by the jars. Connect one alligator clip to the foil inside the small jar and the other clip to the foil in the large jar. To run the ozone generator, plug the transformer in.

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