How Do You Find a Build Your Own Tree House Kit?


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When looking for a kit to build a tree house, visit online resources, such as SwingSetMall.com and TreeHouseSupplies.com. SwingSetMall.com is a website for a retailer that provides playground products, swing set parts and accessories, while TreeHouseSupplies.com is an online store that sells tree house plans, kits and other products related to the construction of tree houses.

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At SwingSetMall.com, customers can order one of four Daniels Wood tree house kits that are available, as of 2015. Each tree house comes with a real log that is six feet tall and a clubhouse that is made from cedar or redwood siding. Most of these tree houses are 14 feet in height and have features such as windows, trap doors and swings. A standard or deluxe model is available. The price range of these kits is from $11,200 to $27,000.

TreeHouseSupplies.com offers products such as tree house hardware kits for different types of tree houses, including a six-foot square and 12-foot octagon tree house. Each of the kits is designed to be used along with plans sold by this retailer for these specific tree house types. This site also provides customized tree house designs and instructional videos for building one. There are a variety of other tree house hardware kits available for other designs, such as for a two-tree, eight-foot-by-12-foot rectangle design and a one-tree, two-post, 12-foot-by-14-foot tree house.

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