How Do You Build Your Own Table?


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To build your own table, purchase or draw a table plan. Form a frame that is slightly smaller than the table top. In each corner of the frame, place one table leg perpendicular to the frame. Attach the treated table top to the frame.

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A table includes three basic components: the table top, the legs and the frame that stabilizes the table legs and provides attachment points for the top. Choose walnut, pine, oak, box, or elm woods for furniture making. The amount and size of hardware depend on the size of the table and the thickness of the wood, but the basic hardware components include washers, lag screws, pocket-hole screws and flathead wood screws.

You need a miter saw and a table saw to cut the lumber to the correct sizes. Use a drill with driver bits and countersinks, as well as drill bits that match the width of the screws. Use a pocket-hole jig to drill holes at an angle to connect the table legs to the frame.

Use a carpenter's square to ensure you attach components at right angles. Use wood glue to reinforce screws. You need a sander, a pre-stain conditioner, stain and semigloss to make the table top long-lasting and easy to clean.

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