How Do You Build Your Own Playground?


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Build your own playground by gathering necessary materials, assembling the frame and then adding desired playground components such as slides, ladders and monkey bars. While such a project requires having both time and money to invest, the investment is worthwhile for parents of small children who are knowledgeable in basic construction.

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The first step is to gather the necessary materials. While the exact materials required vary by playground size and desired components, the required materials typically include a variety of wooden pieces in different sizes. Galvanized pipe and sheet metal are also required to install any monkey bars within the playground. Creating or purchasing specific building plans helps determine how much of each material is needed, and asking different vendors for quotes to find the cheapest price is an easy way to help reduce the cost of the project.

The next step is to create the frame, which requires drilling holes and cutting certain pieces, such as the wooden pieces, at 35 degree angles near the top. Next, install a deck into the frame and add desired components such as a ladder and slide. Adding tower walls to the structure helps provide general stability.

To create a roof and monkey bars, build the roof on top of the deck and then attach the monkey bars to the deck. To finish the playground, add any final components such as trapeze bars or swings to the monkey bar's frame.

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