How Do You Build Your Own Pergola?


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Building your own pergola involves choosing a plan, getting the materials, preparing the site, constructing the columns and frames, and laying the roof. You can choose to locate the pergola near the house, or you can build it in your garden, if desired.

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Many different pergola designs exist, and each offers a unique addition to your compound or garden. If you are unsure of the type you want, consider hiring an expert help choose the best design that fits the available space. If you need to build a new stone patio, prepare the site by ensuring there are no gas, sewage or water lines below. You can also opt to use gravel or wood chips as a floor or pour a concrete slab.

Lay the site with stakes and string line. If you are building on the ground, dig holes that can accommodate the posts and concrete pad. If you are building on a concrete pad, use steel post-base anchors to secure the posts. Ensure the posts are vertical and have the desired height. Construct the roof frame on the ground. Start by laying out the bottom cord and marking out the width of the pitched roof. The measurements of the cord must be accurate for the rafters to have the same size. Assemble all components to create a frame. With help, lift the frame, and secure it with nails. Alternatively, you can lift beams over the posts first and the install the rafters.

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