How Do You Build Your Own Paint Booth?

How Do You Build Your Own Paint Booth?

To build your own paint booth, modify a garage suitably, or build a booth using wooden framing for the walls and the ceiling. Cover the walls and ceiling with plastic, use plywood for the floor, and affix lights in the booth.

If you are modifying a garage to build a paint booth, attach plastic sheets to the four walls, and shield the lights in the area.

Cut a 2-by-4 to the required size to form the frame walls of the booth. Ensure that the frame walls are levelled and uniform in size. Attach feet to the bottom of the frame walls, and ensure that they stand stably on the ground. This makes the booth freestanding, and one wall is used as the door.

Tack plastic sheets around the frame walls. Cut a few plywood sheets to the appropriate size, and attach to the frame walls for the booth's floor.

For the booth's ceiling, cut a 2-by-4 to a size slightly larger that the frame walls, cover it with plastic sheet, and attach it to the frame walls using angle braces. Alternatively, just tack plastic sheets on top of the frame walls. Have someone help you stretch the plastic across the booth's top.

If the booth does not receive adequate sunlight, position portable lights on individual stands against the booth's walls. Ensure that the lights are not kept very close to the plastic sheets.