How Do You Build Your Own Hydroelectric Water Turbine?

How Do You Build Your Own Hydroelectric Water Turbine?

To build your own hydroelectric water turbine, cut cardboard discs to serve as the stator and the rotor, and use wire and an oval spool to create four wire coils. Wind the coils in oval patterns alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise to create a path for electricity to flow on the stator. Connect the coils and attach them with insulation tape.

Arrange two strong north magnets and two strong south magnets so the like magnet are opposite each other on the rotor. Create the turbine, and then assemble all parts.

For added stability, mount the cardboard stator and rotor on metal discs. These discs need a hole in the middle to allow the stator and rotor to spin. To create the turbine, use a hollowed core mounted to spin, and then attach fins made of durable material such as plastic or metal. The fins should extend past the diameter of either the rotor and the stator.

Mount the pieces of the water turbine on a stick or axle so the stator is in between the rotor and the turbine. You can install the entire device in a casing to protect it from water damage though the turbine. The fins must dip below the casing so water can move it. Install the turbine in flowing water so that the water turns the fins of the turbine.

The movement of the turbine should turn the rotor. The movement of the magnets creates electron movements, and the coiled wire collects this electricity. Connect the coils to an output wire to funnel this output of energy to the desired location.