How Do You Build Your Own Garage?

How Do You Build Your Own Garage?

To build a garage from the ground up, develop a plan, get local permits, get quotes from suppliers and subcontractors, order all the necessary materials, and start construction. Get periodic inspection to ensure everything is going smoothly.

The first step in building a garage is to create a plan. Plan the garage's layout, shape, size and look. Make sure you list all the materials you need and determine the timetable and budget. Find out how big your garage can be according to city ordinances. Visit your city's website to learn more about plan requirements, permits and special restrictions, as the garage must meet the requirements of your local municipality.

Measure your lot, create a site plan, and use the plan to get a permit. Get a bill of materials to order the materials you need to construct the garage. Stores such as The Home Depot can provide a list of the materials you need and help you order them. Familiarize yourself with your area's building codes when ordering materials.

Gather all your tools together, and start by building a strong foundation. The city may inspect the site before you pour the concrete. The concrete requires about four days to cure before you start building the frame. When building the frame, decide where all openings such as doors and windows go. Assemble the walls, and frame the top plate and overhead door header.

Sheath the outside wall frame. Put on the roof trusses, and install the roof before adding shingles. Add the door and windows to complete the construction.