How Do You Build Your Own Desk?

How Do You Build Your Own Desk?

Building your own desk ensures that the desk is custom-made to your needs, and it also saves money. A casual desk is a simple wooden desk design that is easily built using only basic tools and wooden planks.

  1. Make the side sections

    Form a side section by connecting two of the legs (28.5-inch planks) with side supports (13-inch planks). Level the first support with the top edge of the legs. Attach it using either pocket holes or by drilling with 4-inch screws, and then gluing. Do the same for the second support, attaching it 8 inches above the bottom. Repeat the whole process to form the second side section.

  2. Join the end sections

    Connect the side sections using front and back supports (56-inch planks). Attach two supports on both the front and the back, keeping it level with the top edges. On the back, attach one support 8 inches up from the bottom. Attach them with pocket holes, or drill them with 2.5-inch screws, and then glue them.

  3. Attach the tabletop

    Now form the tabletop by drilling through the boards into the supports underneath, and then join them with 2-inch screws and glue.

  4. Finish the table

    Fill the nail holes, and sand the entire table to get a smooth finish. Some stain, polyurethane or a coat of paint can be applied as a final finishing touch.