How Do You Build Your Own Deer Antler Chandelier?

Deer antler chandeliers can be assembled with an antler chandelier kit; however, LoveToKnow Interior Design suggests a cheaper process that doesn't use a kit. The required materials are deer antlers, a regular chandelier kit that includes wires and light bulbs, oil based soap, polyurethane, a drill, strong wires and a chandelier mount in the ceiling.

  1. Collect and prep deer antlers

    Antlers are available at hardware stores and hunting goods stores. They can also be found for free in the woods during winter, when deer shed their antlers. Clean the antlers with an oil based soap, being sure to clean the inside of each antler so that the wires are not damaged by dirt. Drill holes in the tip of each antler for wires and light bulbs. Paint the antlers with polyurethane to seal them and to create the desired sheen effect.

  2. Design the chandelier and attach the antlers

    After assembling the antlers in the desired design, attach them to each other using a drill and strong wires. Drill a hole through the part of the antlers that a wire can run through. Solder the wires to seal them.

  3. Complete electric wiring

    Run the electrical wire from the chandelier kit and run a piece through each antler. The wire should emerge from the hole in the tip of each antler. Attach a light bulb to each wire. Gather the wires and connect them to the electrical wiring in the ceiling's chandelier mount. Attach the chandelier with anchor screws.