How Do You Build Your Own Animal Trap?

How Do You Build Your Own Animal Trap?

To build your own animal trap, you need to create a bait system that triggers the entrapment mechanism automatically. Some easy animal traps that use this technique are Gave’s Bait Stick Snare and the Fixed Snare.

The Gave Bait Stick Snare comprises of a snare line, spring pole, trigger line, tiny toggle stick and bait. The first step to building this trap is connecting the snare line to the spring pole. To make the snare line taut, bend it back until it is very close to the ground.

Next, dig into the spot that the snare line had reached. The toggle then goes beneath the forked stake which is now fixated on the ground. You need to separate this toggle from the ground by an angle of 180 degrees.

The second trap that is commonly in use is a Fixed Snare. As opposed to many other traps that consist simply of a trap and a string attached to it, the fixed snare replaces the string with a flexible wire.

One end of this wire connects to a piece of wood that allows you to twist it into a looped noose. You can then pull the other end of the wire to capture animals when they step into the wire loop. The fixed snare is therefore a favorite for hunters in small game trails.