How Do You Build an Open Fireplace?

How Do You Build an Open Fireplace?

Indoor open fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes from wall mounted and freestanding to minimalistic and hanging or suspended fireplaces; all open fireplaces can be installed by purchasing a kit and following the guidelines.

Use the following steps in order to build an open fireplace.

  1. Choose the type, function and location of the fireplace
  2. Most open fireplaces are sold in kits. Decide if the fireplace will be used for aesthetics, heat source or both and select options based on the desired function of the fireplace. Open fireplace or zero-clearance fireplaces can be added to a room directly over hardwood floors and surrounding walls.

  3. Choose the size and fuel of the fireplace
  4. Determine if the desired fuel will be wood, gas or electricity. The fireplace kit comes inclusive with its own firebox. To figure the fireplace size for the chosen space, measure the room in length and width. Add the two numbers together to determine the optimal size of fireplace opening.

  5. Install the fireplace
  6. Depending on what type of fireplace and fuel is chosen, install ventilation and electricity or gas line, if needed. Choose a kit that complies with local fire safety codes and consult a professional to make certain of proper installation.