How Do You Build a Murphy Bed?


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Build a Murphy bed by purchasing a hardware kit, which includes the components to allow the bed to swing in and out of the wall, and attaching them to a wooden frame. Affix the other end of the hardware arms to a wall or other structure to anchor the bed.

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How Do You Build a Murphy Bed?
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A Murphy bed is a space-saving sleep solution in which a bed sits within a wall or vertical structure when in use via a hinge system. While it is possible to construct the hinges out of various materials, retailers such as Amazon.com sell complete kits that include the necessary brackets and bolts to operate the movement. After purchasing such a kit, measure the dimensions of the mattress and obtain materials such as wooden board or panels to construct the frame. Next, choose an area in the home to house the bed, such as a built-in bookcase or wall that is not load-bearing, and clear out the inner components.

If there is no such wall in the home, it is possible to attach a structure to any wall that serves as a covering for the bed. Once the location is set, screw in the hinges to the base of the frame facing outwards then affix the hinges to the inner area of the wall or brace at the bottom.

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