How Do You Build Metal Work Benches?


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To build a metal work bench, the materials needed include 1/4-inch thick metal plate that is 24 by 30 inches, four 36-inch-long 2.5-inch-diameter metal pipes, four 15-inch-long 2.5-inch-diameter metal pipes and two 27-inch-long 2.5-inch-diameter metal pipes. Make measurements on each piece, and weld them together to create a flat, steady surface for heat and heavy materials.

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Take each of the 36-inch-long pipes, and mark them 9 inches from the top and bottom. Mark an "X" 2.5 inches inside each of the first lines. Place a pair of the 36-inch pipes about 15 inches apart, as these pieces are one side of the bench's legs, and place the 15-inch pipe between the two where at each "X" on the leg. Weld the 15-inch pipes to the legs. Repeat this process with the other two legs and 15-inch pipes.

Take the 14-inch plate, and mark an interior rectangle 2 inches from the edges. Take one set of legs, place them at one end of the rectangle, and weld the legs into place. Repeat on the other side. Weld the 27-inch pipes between the two leg sets at the same measurement as the top 15-inch pipes. The bench is completed when turned over.

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