How Do You Build a Metal Roof Over Your Carport?

How Do You Build a Metal Roof Over Your Carport?

Install a metal roof over a carport by removing the existing roof material and adding waterproofing felt to the roof area. Purchase new metal roof sheathing and flashing and install the flashing to the house wall. Lay the wood strips necessary to support the roof, and install the metal roof, finishing with the rake flashing.

Adding a metal roof to a carport provides extra protection for vehicles, and it is fairly easy to install, even for novice carpenters, notes Follow the steps below to complete the project.

  1. Remove the existing roof
  2. Remove any existing roof and roofing materials from the carport. This includes shingle and tar paper.

  3. Check the weatherproofing
  4. Check the weatherproofing of the carport to make sure it is still intact and secure. If it shows signs of damage, replace it.

  5. Measure and purchase new materials
  6. Accurately measure the roof area and determine how many panels are needed. Purchase the roofing and flashing, making sure they are both the same kind of metal.

  7. Install the flashing
  8. Install the flashing to the house wall. Make sure there is a six-inch overlap, and create a tight seal between the flashing and waterproof felt.

  9. Lay the wood strips
  10. Lay the wood strips down that support the roof. Be sure they are at a right angle.

  11. Install the roof
  12. Using helpers, install the panels one at a time using metal screws.

  13. Install the flashing
  14. Install the rake flashing, and place the foam closure strips over the upper edge of the flashing. Make sure the flashing face is square to the roof's edge.