How Do You Build a Log Splitter?

How Do You Build a Log Splitter?

To build a log splitter, construct the platform, make the pump bracket, mount the pump, install the cutting blades and connect the hydraulics and ram. You need a welder, metal tubing, plasma cutter, drill, clamps, stainless-steel bolts, an adjustable wrench, 1/2-inch metal sheets and hydraulic ram to complete this project.

  1. Build the platform

    Make a platform out of 3-by-6-by-36 metal tubing. Make sure the tubing is 1/4 inch thick.

  2. Construct the bracket

    Use the plasma cutter to cut the bracket out of 1/2-inch metal. Cut the bracket into dimensions of 16-by-6 inches. Line the bracket with the hydraulic pump to drill the necessary holes.

  3. Install the pump

    Mark the location of the pump at the center of the axle platform. Drill the holes, and affix the bracket with nuts and bolts.

  4. Add the cutting blade

    Weld three sheets of flat metal into triangular shapes. Cut two of the pieces into dimensions of 12 inches long by 12 inches wide. Cut the last piece in measurements of 12 inches wide by 4 inches long. Position the pieces to allow the 12-inch blades to form the cutting portion. Sharpen the edges with a grinder, and weld the pieces accordingly.

  5. Assemble the ram and hydraulics

    Connect the hydraulic ram and axle platform with bolts. Attach the hydraulic hoses to the pump, and fill the machine.

  6. Test the cutter

    Place a log on the platform. Turn on the machine to see if the cutter splits the log.