How Do You Build a Lawn Aerator?


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To build a lawn aerator, insert several nails into a piece of 6-by-12-by-3/4-inch plywood at appropriate intervals. Affix a metal handle to the plywood for ease of use.

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Begin building a lawn aerator by measuring and marking spots at intervals of 2 inches on the longer sides of the plywood and 1.5 inches on the shorter sides. Join the spots with a straight edge to form a graph pattern on the plywood.

Using a 5/64 drill bit, make holes at all the points where the straight lines intersect. When drilling the holes, wear safety goggles to protect the eyes. Hammer 4-inch long nails into each of the drilled holes, allowing the nails to go fully through the plywood. The nails must jut out and push into the ground.

To affix the metal handle, position it on the plywood so that it rests on those areas without holes. Attach the handle by driving in screws with a drill to which a Phillips-head bit is attached.

Grip the handle, and position the plywood straight on the ground. Step on the plywood to push the nails into the lawn, and pull the handle upwards. Repeat the process until the entire lawn is aerated.

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