How Do You Build a Lattice Fence?

How Do You Build a Lattice Fence?

Lattice fences don't provide the same amount of privacy as many other fences, but they do add a nice decorative flair to the yard. To build a lattice pattern fence, gather cement mix, crushed gravel, a drill, 4-by-4 inch posts, a level, measuring tape, post hole diggers, 2-inch screws, twine, water, a wheel barrow and wood stakes.

  1. Mark the area

    Measure the length of the lattice panels and measure out from the first stake, the starting point, equal to the panel length and place another stake. Continue this until you place all the stakes.

  2. Level the line

    Use the twine to make sure the line runs straight by wrapping it around the first stake then continue down the line. Adjust the posts if necessary.

  3. Prepare the holes

    Remove the first stake then dig a hole with the post hole digger to a depth of one-third of the post plus 6 inches. Prepare a hole for each stake then fill each one with 6 inches of crushed gravel and pack them down. Replace the stakes.

  4. Adjust the stakes

    Stake each post using twine and wood stakes so that they stand vertically. Use the level to determine when you have straightened them on all sides.

  5. Secure the panels

    Mix the cement in small batches in the wheel barrow, then fill the holes. Allow the cement to cure from 24 to 48 hours, then remove the stakes and twine once the cement hardens.

  6. Design the lattice

    Attach lattice panels to the side of the posts facing inside the yard. Lift one panel up to the first two posts so that it sits 1 inch off the ground and the ends of the panel sit at the middle of the posts' width. The next panel meets up to the first panel at the mid-point of the post. Drill a 2-inch screw through the top right corner of the lattice and into the post.

  7. Connect the panels

    Use a level to determine when the lattice is straight at the top, and then screw in the other top corner. Add screws to the bottom two corners; add at least two more screws along each side of the post as well. Continue this for each panel down the line.