How Do You Build a Lamp With a Lamp Making Kit?

How Do You Build a Lamp With a Lamp Making Kit?

To build a lamp with a lamp making kit, purchase a kit, select an appropriate base for the lamp, assemble the lamp fittings, attach it within the base, screw in a light bulb, and check that the lamp works. Select an appropriate lampshade to put on the lamp.

  1. Buy a lamp making kit

    Examine the different options of lamp kits available. Select one that suits your needs for height and cord length. Consider the brightness of the bulb the lamp accepts.

  2. Select an appropriate lamp base

    Choose a base that fits the length of the lamp kit. Make certain the base sits well where it is meant to go. Be certain that the holes in the base accept the lamp kit or that they can be created.

  3. Assemble the lamp kit

    Put the lamp kit together as instructed. If necessary, cut the threaded pipe to size to fit into the base. Assemble the kit accurately to ensure the lamp is safe.

  4. Place the lamp kit inside the base

    Attach the lamp kit inside the base. Thread the cord through the appropriate hole. Anchor the lamp kit, if necessary, using plaster of Paris or a similar substance.

  5. Test the lamp

    Screw the light bulb into the socket, and plug the lamp in. Turn the lamp on. Ensure that the lamp works properly.

  6. Attach a lamp shade

    Choose a lamp shade to coordinate with the lamp base. Attach the lamp shade to the lamp.