How Do You Build a Koi Pond?


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To build a koi pond, dig a 4-foot deep hole, add a few inches of sand layer, line the floor with a pond liner, and fill the hole with water. Dechlorinate the water before adding the koi fish. Choose a spot with an equal amount of sunlight and shade.

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  1. Mark and dig the pond

    Select a site that is runoff-free to protect the fish from harmful chemicals. Mark the pond, and dig a hole in the marked area at least 4 feet deep. If necessary, create different levels using rocks to make a waterfall.

  2. Prepare the floor

    Once the pond is dug, pour a layer of sand on the pond floor a few inches thick, add and press the pond liner over the sand layer, and then secure the liner by laying large rocks on the edges.

  3. Fill the pond, and add koi fish

    Fill the pond with water to about 3 inches from the top. Install the filtration system at the pond center, turn the system on, and allow it to run for a few days to neutralize harmful chemicals in the water. Add natural bacteria, put koi fish into the pond, and then provide the fish with food.

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