How Do You Build a Kitchen Table?


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To build a kitchen table, establish the dimensions, sand the wood, attach brackets, and then screw on the table top. To finish, check for sturdiness, and then paint or stain the table.

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A typical rectangular family size table measures 30 inches in length, 48 inches width and 30 inches in height. Round tables typically have a 42-inch diameter and a 30-inch height. These dimensions may be adjusted if necessary. After the dimensions are set, sand wood pieces until the edges are smooth.

Next, position brackets against each table leg on the inside, and screw them into the wood. Attach another bracket to each leg 90 degrees away from the first bracket. To screw on the table top, be sure the screws are not longer than the thickness of the table. Place the top face down on the ground, and attach the legs to each corner.

Now turn the table right side up, and test the sturdiness by giving it a little shake. If anything moves, drill a long screw diagonally through the top of the table into each leg. Use wood putty to cover the screw head if desired. Lastly, paint or stain the wood, making sure to keep the area well-ventilated and letting the table dry overnight.

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