How Do You Build a House?


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Creating a foundation, framing the house, installing doors and windows, covering the exterior and finishing the inside are the steps needed to build a house. The complexity of each specific step varies significantly depending on the size, style and location of the home.

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The steps for building a foundation depend on the specific type of foundation needed, including a concrete slab, a crawl space or a basement. The excavation, clearing and leveling required to pour the necessary concrete depend on the level, slope and condition of the building lot. Many building lots have utilities such as water, sewer and electric, but if a lot does not have these features in place, adding them is part of the home's construction process.

Framing the house installs the entire shell and sub-floors for each level in lumber or steel depending on the construction style. The builder installs the doors and windows next, followed by all of the exterior siding and roofing, sealing the inside from the elements.

Typically the interior finishing includes installation of all of the electrical wiring, plumbing, gas lines and specialties such as fireplaces, extra ventilation and other items that are more difficult to put in before covering the walls. Contractors usually apply Sheetrock to cover the walls and ceilings, painting and finishing them to specifications before laying flooring and installing all of the necessary electrical fixtures. . The last step usually involves installation of railings and trim.

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