How Do You Build a Hot Tub Deck Frame?

How Do You Build a Hot Tub Deck Frame?

In order to build a hot tub deck frame, clear the area for the deck, install concrete footers for the whole deck, as well as the area directly below the hot tub, build two frames and install the joists and support posts. The deck requires two frames because of the weight of the hot tub.

Hot tubs need to be placed on a flat, sturdy surface, so decks need to be able to hold the weight of the tub, the water and the people who use the hot tub. The deck will use two frames: one for the deck and one directly under the hot tub. To build the frame for a hot tub deck:

  1. Clear the area
  2. Measure out where the deck will go and clear the area, ensuring the plot is level. Then build a simple square frame out of 2 by 4 wood to outline the area.

  3. Apply gravel
  4. Apply gravel to the interior of the simple frame.

  5. Install footers
  6. Dig holes for the deck and hot tub footers and fill the holes with concrete. Allow the concrete to dry fully.

  7. Build two frames
  8. Use 2 by 6 pressure-treated wood beams to build the permanent frame in place of the temporary frame under the hot tub. Then build the frame for the deck. Ensure that both structures are square.

  9. Install support posts and joists
  10. Install 4 by 4 posts into the corners and inside all of the footers and screw onto the frame. Connect the frames with joists. Drill pilot holes into the concrete, attach right-angle brackets to the base of the supports and attach to the joists.