How Do You Build a Hot Tub Cover?

To build a hot tub cover, cut two sheets of plywood and add insulating padding, marine vinyl and fabric to cover the whole lid. Use an outdoor fabric or marine vinyl to protect the cover from the elements.

Follow the steps below to build a hot tub cover.

  1. Measure
  2. Measure the length and width of the hot tub to the outer edges. Cut 1/2-inch plywood into two equal-sized pieces to create the two halves.

  3. Make a hinge
  4. Cut an 8-inch strip of marine vinyl the length of the plywood, and attach 2 inches of the vinyl onto each side of the plywood with washers and screws placed 6 inches apart. Leave the remaining vinyl in between the two pieces of plywood to allow the cover to fold over itself.

  5. Add the foam
  6. Attach insulating foam to the bottom of the cover with foam adhesive glue, leaving a 1/4-inch gap between the foam and the edge of the board.

  7. Apply the vinyl
  8. Wrap marine vinyl around the foam and staple it to the top of the board.

  9. Attach the padding and fabric
  10. Create a 2-inch skirt with outdoor fabric to cover the sides of the lid, and then wrap outdoor, mold-resistant padding with the same outdoor fabric, and attach the padding to the top of the cover with a foam adhesive glue.

  11. Add handles
  12. Attach handles onto both sides of the cover, attaching through all of the cover's layers.