How Do You Build a Hot Tub Base?

Prepare the base for a hot tub by pouring a concrete pad. Excavate the ground, build the concrete form and add reinforcement steel before pouring. Allow sufficient time for the concrete to cure before installing the new hot tub.

  1. Excavate and level

    Use a shovel to remove the top four inches of dirt and sod from the area where you plan to install the hot tub. Avoid disturbing deeper layers of soil for improved stability. Use a long straight board and carpenter's level to ensure the excavated area is level.

  2. Set the form

    Build a concrete form using two-by-four lumber. The form should be approximately 1 foot larger in both directions than the base of the hot tub. Set the form in place and test for square by measuring the diagonals. Adjust the form until the diagonals are equal. Test for level and make any necessary adjustments. Use wooden stakes to hold the form in place. Add 1 inch of fill sand to the bottom of the form and level the sand.

  3. Add reinforcement

    Add concrete reinforcement wire or steel to the prepared area.

  4. Pour the concrete

    Order the appropriate amount of ready-mix concrete. Pour the concrete into the forms and level to the top, using a two-by-four that is slightly longer than the forms to smooth the surface

  5. Allow to cure

    Allow the concrete to cure a minimum of 24 hours before setting the hot tub.