How Do You Build a Horse Fly Trap?

How Do You Build a Horse Fly Trap?

You only need some string, a dark-colored ball, some fly paper and a small stool to build an effective horsefly trap. Attach the ball to the stool with string, and then wrap fly paper around the stool's legs. Attach the trap to a surface that is overrun with horseflies. This trap only takes a few minutes to assemble and a simple push to get it started. Soon, horseflies gather and get stuck on your trap.

  1. Gather the necessary materials

    You need a small stool, some fly paper and a dark-colored ball to build a horsefly trap. The ball needs to be dark-colored. The ball is what you use to attract the horseflies as they are attracted to dark colors. You also need some string that is sturdy enough to hold the stool.

  2. Build the body of the trap

    Attach the ball to one of the stool's legs using the string. The ball should dangle and move freely when agitated. Wrap the fly paper over the legs of the stool.

  3. Hang the trap

    Hang the entire trap from the ceiling or any rigid surface in the area most infested with horse flies.

  4. Make the trap move

    Push the ball to make it swing around. The ball's movement and dark color attracts the horseflies to the trap. When they try to land on the moving stool, they stick to the fly paper. After a while, both the ball and the stool come to a rest. Check the trap every few hours, and give the ball a little push if it is stationary.