How Do You Build a Homemade Squirrel Feeder Jar?


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Squirrel feeder jars are glass feed jars set in wooden frames with small access holes, so building them requires scrap wood, a jar and screws or nails. Builders can cut and assemble the frame using either power or hand tools and then fit the filled jar into its cradle.

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Squirrel feeder jars can help keep squirrels away from bird feeders. They should be easier to access for the squirrels.

  1. Cut frame and cradle
  2. Eight wooden components including a base, a stop, a roof, a cradle, sides and a holder must be cut. Dimensions for the pieces can be found on Bird-watching Bliss if the builder is uncertain about what will work.
  3. Select jar
  4. Next, a jar must be selected to fit the dimensions of the frame. A hole should be cut in the frame's front to accommodate it.
  5. Fill and fit jar
  6. The jar should be filled with feed and slotted in place. Squirrels will be quickly drawn to feed.
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