How Do You Build a Homemade Smoker?


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To make a meat smoker out of an aluminum trash can, obtain a 60-gallon trash can, and drill holes for ventilation and to hold the grates in the trash can. Insert a metal grilling grate into the can, and place it about 4 inches from the bottom of the can. Slide stainless steel cross rods in the middle and top sets of holes, and place another grate onto the top set of rods.

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When making holes in the trash can, use an electric drill to create four holes around the can about 2 inches from the bottom, and make four more holes in the lid of the can. Drill two pairs of holes about 2 inches from the bottom of the can; drill the holes at one, five, seven and 11 o'clock positions. Drill two more pairs of holes parallel to these holes, but 20 inches from the bottom of the can. Use a 3/8-inch bit when drilling the holes.

When using the meat smoker, make sure to position the meat about 16 inches away from the fire. Always place a heat-proof container filled with water onto the middle layer of grates. The evaporating water prevents the meat from becoming too dry. In addition, the excess fat from the meat drips into the water dish instead of the fire, which prevents flare-ups.

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