How Do You Build a Homemade Hydroponics System?


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To build a homemade hydroponics system, connect two PVC pipes with a pipe elbow, cap the ends, cut plant holes in the pipes, attach a water pump to one of the capped ends, and connect an air pump to the other end. This project takes one or two days and requires two 10-foot PVC pipes, a pipe elbow, pipe caps, a hole saw, an air pump, air stones, a water pump, an awl and plastic drinking cups.

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  1. Connect the pipes

    Slip one end of each pipe into the pipe elbow, and cap the other ends. Lay the pipe system flat on your work surface.

  2. Cut the plant holes

    Use a hole saw to cut 3-inch holes for the plants. Leave 12 inches of space between adjacent holes.

  3. Connect the pumps

    Insert the water pump into the first hole at one of the pipe ends. Enlarge the hole with the hole saw if your pump does not fit. Insert several air stones near the end of the opposite pipe, and lower the air pump into the hole closest to the cap. Connect both pumps to the power supply.

  4. Add plant cups

    Count the number of plant holes in your hydroponics system. Punch holes in the sides and bottom of an equal number of plastic cups, and set one cup in each hole.

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