How Do You Build a Hipped Roof?


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To build a hipped roof, nail standard rafters to the ridge board, add other rafters, join the hip rafters to the standard rafters, and fix jack rafters between the hip and standard rafters. When working on this project, take into account ventilation, drainage connections, sheathing and chimney positioning.

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  1. Measure and cut out the rafters

    Measure the width and length of the building that you intend to roof with a tape measure, and use the values you get to determine the dimensions of the rafters and ridge board. Use a saw to cut out rafters that fit the measurements.

  2. Attach the rafters to the ridge board

    Set the standard rafters on both sides of the ridge board, and secure them in place with nails. Use a framing square to check the angle of hip roof placement before nailing the remaining rafters. For better results, complete one side before moving to the other side of the ridge. Cut off the excess rafters with a jig, join the hip rafters with the standard rafters, and nail them down.

  3. Install the jack rafters

    Fix the jack rafters between the standard and hip rafters, working from the middle toward the roof frame ends. Set each rafter before you nail it down.

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