How Do You Build a Hidden Door?

How Do You Build a Hidden Door?

Install a hidden door using butler door hardware that brings the door panel flush with the wall in which it hides. Hidden door systems work well on paneled walls where they blend seamlessly into the wall. The hidden door can disguise the entry to a powder room, basement or a private sanctuary inside the home.

The hinges are the key to successfully installing the door. Some installers use hardware designed for use in a Lear jet. While this is expensive, it ensures the door opens and closes correctly to keep the secret.

Hidden doors require the installer add all the trim that finishes the rest of the wall to the door itself. A baseboard with the ends cut to match a 45-degree angle cut into the base on the floor helps keep the door hidden.

The hidden door hinges normally see use in swinging doors. Their installation requires removal of any door stops from the frame. If the frame does not allow the removal of the stops, installation requires filling the gap with appropriate sized boards to provide a flush door frame.

For the classic hidden door popular in spy movies, attach a bookcase to the door. The case must be smaller than the door so it passes through the opening, but it casts shadows that make the hidden door very difficult to discern.