How Do You Build a Hanging Bar in Your Home?


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Build a hanging bar for your home using wooden pallets. Disassemble the pallets by cutting the bottom wood slats with a jigsaw. Use a hammer to remove the top slats and nails. Cut the pieces for the bar into eight 2-by-4-by-36 inch pieces, six 2-by-4-by-31.5 inch pieces and four 2-by-4-by-17.75 inch pieces.

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Take three of the 31.5-inch pieces and lay them flat inside two 17.75-inch pieces to form a rectangle with two long pieces at one end. Use a sure tie to secure the six joints. Repeat this with the rest of the 31.5- and 17.75-inch pieces. Take extra pieces of the pallet, and cut three 38.5-inch pieces with one split in half width-wise. Flip one rectangle over, and nail one split piece and whole piece together to the side with two boards, leaving the split side at the edge.

On the left edge of the rectangle, nail six pieces of pallet cut at 13.25 inches together, perpendicular to the two 38.5-inch pieces. Repeat from the right side, leaving a gap in the center of the rectangle. Repeat the process on the second rectangle. Cut pieces of leftover pallet to build a rack to hang stemware at 3.5-inches wide and 36-inches long with slats on one side made from paint stirrers.

Place the rack and three 36-inch boards into a rectangle with wood screws. Secure two shelves at the center of the rectangle, 6 inches apart. Nail 36-inch slats into each of the 2-by-4 boards vertically across the back. Assemble the pieces with two piano hinges using the two small rectangles as a fold-down front table with a sturdy chain to hold it in place. Attach a three-sided frame cut to fit around the top and sides to house the table seamlessly when it is pulled up.

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