How Do You Build a Handicap Ramp?


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To build a handicap ramp, build a frame for the landing from pressure-treated wood, and secure the frame to the house. Once the landing is installed, measure, cut and install the supports for the ramp. Then, add deck planks across the top of the frame and landing supports.

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  1. Gather the supplies

    To complete this project, you need pressure-treated wood, galvanized nails and shims. The tools you need include a level, chop saw, circular saw, power drill, masonry bit, framing nailer and belt sander.

  2. Measure and cut the frame

    Measure the area around the outside of the door for the landing. The landing area in front of the door needs to be at least 5 feet square to allow a wheelchair to turn around in a circle. Once the ramp is measured, cut the framing pieces.

  3. Assemble the frame

    For the landing, create a box frame, and attach joists every 16 inches.

  4. Install the landing

    Put the frame into position, and add shims where needed to level it. Secure the frame to the building with nails every 8 inches.

  5. Build the ramp

    Measure from the top of the landing to the location of the base. Cut three boards to this length with the one end angled to a point. Secure each support to the landing. Cut two cross braces to fit between the ramp supports, and secure them to the concrete.

  6. Attach the deck planks

    Starting at the angled edge of the landing, screw deck planks across the frame and down the ramp. Once the frame is covered, trim off the overhang and sand the edges.

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