How Do You Build a Grow Box?

How Do You Build a Grow Box?

To build a grow box, cut 30-inch-long boards, make the sides out of scrap wood, secure the box with wood glue, and drill drainage holes at the bottom. You need a 6-foot-by-1-inch-by-8-inch board and a 4-foot-by-1-inch-by-8-inch board to complete this project.

  1. Cut the boards

    Use a circular saw to cut two 30-inch-long boards from the 6-foot-by-1-inch-by-8-inch board. Make the front and back portion of the box.

  2. Cut the box

    Make a hole at the bottom of the box. Cut out a 30-inch piece from a 4-foot-by-1-inch-by-8-inch board. Position the bevel of the saw to 10 degrees. Make sure the board is cut 5 inches at the diameter.

  3. Make the sides

    Use the remaining scraps to make the sides of the board. Cut the pieces to measure 5 7/8 inches on the top and 5 inches at the bottom.

  4. Assemble the pieces

    Fit the pieces together, but avoid securing them. Cut away any edges, and sand away any rough spots.

  5. Secure the box

    Apply clamps to the front, side and back of the box. Use wood glue to hold the pieces together. Allow the box to dry overnight.

  6. Drill drainage holes

    Make holes at the bottom of the box. Space out the holes evenly.

  7. Decorate the box

    Use stain or paint to decorate the completed grow box.