How Do You Build a Ground Level Deck?

How Do You Build a Ground Level Deck?

To build a ground-level deck, anchor the base with concrete, install the beams, and add the boards. You need batterboards, mason's string, ready-made concrete, posts, hangers, deck nails, deck screws and brackets. You also need a posthole digger, hammer, drill, circular saw, chalk and a wheelbarrow to complete this project.

  1. Anchor the deck

    Use string lines and batterboards to mark the bases. Use a posthole digger to make 3 holes at each side at intervals of 3 feet, and make the holes 8 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep. Adjust the tube forms over each hole an inch above the ground.

  2. Add the concrete

    Mix the concrete in a wheelbarrow. Fill the tube forms with the concrete. Allow it to dry for two days.

  3. Add the post anchor

    Use a batterboard to ensure that the post anchor is properly aligned. Place the lateral beams into the post anchors, and secure the beams with nails. Make sure that the beams are level.

  4. Secure the boards

    Use 7-foot-8-inch boards as joists, and fasten to the ends of the lateral beams. Use angle brackets to add support for the corner joints. Secure 7-foot-4-inch boards with deck nails and joist hangers.

  5. Secure the joists

    Apply fasteners to each center of the joists. Add fasteners 3/4 to 1 inch from the board edges.

  6. Cut the boards

    Mark the lines with chalk, and cut the boards with a circular saw. Apply the deck boards on the framework.