How Do You Build a Grape Arbor?

How Do You Build a Grape Arbor?

To build a grape arbor, bury posts in the ground, build a top, and install brace boards and horizontal support structures. A grape arbor can be built in a single weekend.

  1. Bury the posts

    Posts should be set at each corner, with additional posts every 6 feet between the corner posts for additional support. The arbor must be 8 feet tall to allow room to walk underneath it. Bury the posts 2 feet deep to ensure they are anchored well in the ground. Set the posts in the ground with poured concrete, and add wet concrete after the posts have been placed in the holes.

  2. Install a top frame

    Use 2-by-4-inch or 2-by-6-inch lumber to create a frame. Cut the boards to fit between each side of the arbor from the outside edges. Attach the frame boards to the outside of the posts. Use 4-inch ring-shank nails with rings around the shaft to prevent the nails from backing out of the wood.

  3. Install bracing

    Cut the ends of the braces to ensure a tight fit. Attach one end of each brace to the underside of the top frame, and attach the other ends to the outward facing sides of the posts. Install another four braces to the top frame of the structure.

  4. Install a horizontal trellis

    Cut two pieces of lattice to fit between the posts at each end of the arbor. Attach the lattice to the arbor with 1-inch wood staples.