How Do You Build a Glass Wasp Trap?

To make a glass wasp trap, bait a container, cover it with foil and punch a hole in the foil to allow the wasps to enter the trap but not crawl out. You need a glass container, a sweetened liquid, aluminum foil, a pencil and a rubber band. You can make a wasp trap in about 10 minutes.

  1. Add bait to the container

    Add about an inch of sweetened liquid such as sugar water, flat soda or diluted jam to the glass container. Wasps are also attracted to liquid laundry detergent and beer.

  2. Secure aluminum foil to the top of the container

    Mold the foil tightly around the opening of the container. Secure the foil with a rubber band wrapped around the opening.

  3. Create a hole in the foil

    Use the pencil to punch a small hole in the middle of the aluminum foil. The diameter of the hole should be about the same as the widest part of a wasp. Some of the foil should hang down from the hole to prevent wasps from crawling out.

  4. Place the wasp trap outdoors

    The ideal location is where you've seen wasps before but not too close to food. The wasps should be attracted to the sweet liquid in the trap, crawl through the hole in the foil and remain trapped in the container.