How Do You Build Gates for Wood Fences?

How Do You Build Gates for Wood Fences?

To build a gate for a wooden fence, start by identifying where the gate will go and how wide it will be. If necessary, add additional posts to the fence where the gate will go, and dig them into the ground. Build the frame of the gate using two- by four-inch planks and add a cross brace. Attach boards to the gate that match the fence. Finally, attach the gate to the fence with hinges.

For a clean, finished look, drill pocket holes into the pieces of wood before screwing them together. Use a pocket hole jig to help guide this process. When attaching the frame pieces and cross brace, use a combination of glue and screws to create a strong bond.

Make sure to measure and mark out the pieces of the gate carefully before cutting. Similarly, once the frame is complete, check to make sure it will properly fit between the gateposts.

When connecting the hinges, place the gate flat on the ground and attach the hinges to it first. Then, with the help of an assistant, connect the hinges to the fence.

Building a gate from scratch is a relatively challenging project for average homeowners. Consider purchasing a pre-made gate or gate kit as an alternative.