How Do You Build a Gas Fire Pit?

How Do You Build a Gas Fire Pit?

To build a fire pit, build a base from brick, concrete or cinder blocks, and insert a pre-made fire bowl with a propane gas kit. For a more permanent and cost-effective option, have a professional run a natural gas line from your house to the location of the fire pit.

  1. Find a location

    A suitable location for a fire pit is away from any flammable materials or ones than can melt, such as vinyl siding. Check local regulations for having an open flame on residential property.

  2. Build a base

    Construct the base by stacking bricks, cinder blocks or concrete. Make the base just large enough to hold and support a pre-made fire bowl. If you use a propane tank to fuel the fire pit, you can also make the base portable, and move it around your property as desired.

  3. Connect the gas

    If you are using a natural gas line, install the gas burners, and connect them with the gas line coming from the house. Protect the base of the burners, and cover them with stiff wire mesh. If you are using propane to fuel the fire pit, place the tank inside of the base, followed by the bowl.

  4. Finish the fire pit

    Add lava rocks or fire glass on top the burners or inside the bowl, and turn on the gas.