How Do You Build a Garment Rack?


A garment rack, or a clothes rack, can be built using materials that are easy to find. You need 28 feet of 1-inch PVC pipe, two elbows, six tees.

  1. Gather and cut materials

    Use a saw to cut four pipes into 5-foot-long pieces. Cut seven 12-inch-long pipes and two 36-inch-long pipes. Increase these sizes if you want to make a larger garment rack.

  2. Assemble the main frame

    Make a rectangle by attaching two 5-foot-long pipes with one 36-inch long pipe using two tees. To complete the top of the rectangle, attach one elbow onto either end of the 5-foot-long pipes that don't have tees. Insert one 12-inch-long piece into an elbow, and attach a tee. Insert another 12-inch-long piece, attach a tee, and connect it to the other elbow.

  3. Make the secondary frame

    Make sure that the two tees holding the 12-inch pieces at the top of the rectangle have their long ends pointing down at an angle. Create the secondary frame the same way you made the main frame using two 5-foot-long pipes, one 36-inch-long pipe and two tees. The 36-inch-long pipes are horizontal and help hold the frames together. Insert this secondary frame into the two tees at the top of the main frame.

  4. Complete the garment rack

    Insert one 12-inch-long pipe into each of the bottom tees. These are the garment rack's legs. Make any necessary adjustments to stabilize the rack. Remove the secondary frame and shorten the legs if you don't want an A-frame design and instead want to lean the rack against a wall.