How Do You Build Garden Boxes?


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To build a garden box, choose the desired size and height, assemble wood pieces with screws or nails, drill holes in the bottom of your box, and fill it with soil. Plant your vegetables or flowers.

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How Do You Build Garden Boxes?
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  1. Choose the dimensions for your garden box

    Consider what you want to plant in the box and where you want the box to go. Smaller boxes are portable enough to move around the yard or even inside. Larger boxes are typically permanent. Deep boxes are suitable for vegetables. Shallow boxes are most appropriate for annual flowers or succulents.

  2. Buy the wood and supplies

    Choose cedar or redwood, as they are rot-resistant. For vegetable boxes, do not use chemically treated wood because the chemicals could leach into the food. Gather your tools, including a saw, hammer and nails.

  3. Cut the wood to size

    Cut the wood into the correct lengths for your box. Miter the edges, if desired. Cut short support pieces for long boxes and short boards to keep your box off the ground.

  4. Assemble your box

    Start with the bottom of the box. Nail or screw the boards together. Attach the sides, using support pieces if necessary to keep the box sturdy. Once the box is assembled, nail the joints again to make certain the sides are sturdy and the bottom is firmly attached.

  5. Drill holes in the bottom of your garden box for drainage

    Drill a few holes in the bottom piece, then cover the whole bottom with landscape fabric. This prevents the soil from falling out with the water. Spread gravel over the fabric to encourage drainage. Fill the box with a high-quality garden soil and preferred fertilizer.

  6. Plant vegetables or flowers

    Plant seeds or seedlings. Water generously. Take care of your plants through the growing season, adding fertilizer as recommended.

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