How Do You Build a Garden Box?


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To build a garden box, find a location that gets appropriate sun, is well drained and near a water source. Dig holes for the posts, and place the posts in the holes. Place side boards along the posts, and attach them to the posts with nails or screws.

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  1. Gather and prepare your materials

    Collect wooden boards, posts, screws, nails, a post-hole digger, a drill, a hammer, a shovel, a spade and a rake. Cut the wood to a desired length and height based on how high and wide you want the box.

  2. Determine a location

    Position the garden box in a location appropriate for what you intend to grow. Most gardens require a lot of sunshine, so good locations are those that receive several hours of sun, drain well and are near a water source.

  3. Place the posts

    Align the ends of the boards to form a square box. Mark the locations of the four corners of the box, and dig holes approximately 1 foot deep for the posts. Place a post in each hole, and fill the holes with soil.

  4. Construct the box

    Place the boards against the posts with the ends of the boards flush to the edges of the posts, and attach them with nails or screws. You are now ready to loosen the soil, add soil amendments and plant your garden.

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