How Do You Build a Garage Workbench?

How Do You Build a Garage Workbench?

Building a garage workbench begins with making the right dimensions for the bench. Find a quality bench top of the right size, and cut four legs of equal lengths. Cut four braces of the same width if you want your bench top to have a frame underneath. Place top leg braces on a pair of legs, and bolt them together using a drill bit.

  1. Find a bench top

    Make your bench top using either thin hard wooden sheets for industrial bench tops or few pieces of stacked plywood. You can also salvage a solid-core door if you want a thick, sturdy bench top. You can find the salvaged door at a rebuilding centre, or from any building undergoing renovation. Ensure that the work bench is flat and sturdy.

  2. Cut the legs

    Cut the legs according to the desired height of the bench. Cut the four braces, and position each top leg brace on a pair of legs. Close the holes by sliding washers over the ends, and tighten them using a wrench and nuts. Bolt the bottom leg braces to the legs, and cut two tops of a length equal to the bench top.

  3. Attach the work bench top

    Lay the pieces, and drill bolt holes through the supports. Screw the coach bolts into place securely, and attach a low shelf, if desired. Bolt thick bench tops from the bottom to keep the bench top bolt-free and smooth. Finish the bench by sanding it and applying varnish or polyurethane.